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Total Roof Replacement Near Bean Station, TN

This roof near Bean Station, TN was old, rough, and tired. Our specialists gave it a thorough look-over and determined that the decking was soaked, shingles were stained, and it was not providing adequate water protection. So, using our tried-and-true techniques and quality materials, we replaced the whole thing! 

Roof Replacement Near Tazewell, TN

Klaus headed to a home located near Tazewell, TN to provide a free inspection. The roof had not been replaced in some time, and it was obvious that it had serious issues. The homeowner noticed interior leaks, and the inspector confirmed that shingles were loose and the decking was soaked. We gave the roof a total replacement, which included installing durable IKO shingles and fresh plywood decking. Our roofs are built to last!

Replacing a Battered Roof in Talbott, TN

This roof in Talbott, TN had seen better days. Time, animals, and weather took an impact, abrading the shingles and leaving the decking vulnerable to moisture damage. The Klaus Roofing Systems by Master Services team replaced everything, giving this home a much-needed "roof lift!"

Updating a New Market, TN Roof with IKO Shingles and More

This home in New Market, TN had an old, weathered roof that needed serious updating. The Klaus team replaced everything: decking, flashing, shingles, and more, giving this home a serious aesthetic and weatherproofing boost! 

Roof Replacement Near Blaine, TN

This home not too far from Blaine, TN needed a full replacement. There were many soggy spots along the decking, which indicate that rot and interior leaks are imminent! Our team replaced the entire roof, installing fresh and durable materials. 

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