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Replacing a Stained, Old Roof Near Alcoa, TN

Replacing a Stained, Old Roof Near Alcoa, TN

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Replacing a Stained, Old Roof Near Alcoa, TN Replacing a Stained, Old Roof Near Alcoa, TN

Our team visited a home near Alcoa, TN that needed serious roof resuscitation! Weather had taken its toll over the years, staining and warping shingles. Once shingles warp, it's easy for water to penetrate to the decking, which can lead to interior leaks! Our team replaced both the decking and shingles, giving this home a much-needed makeover. 

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Klaus Roofing Systems by Master Services offers free estimates on roof repair, roof replacement, gutter guards, and gutter installation in Alcoa, TN and surrounding areas. With your project done "The Klaus Roofing Way," you can expect high-performance roofing systems, superior workmanship, consistent communication, courteous service, and property protection.

Whether you need roof repair, a new roof, new gutters, or gutter protection, we offer quality materials and workmanship you can trust. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.

Services We Offer in Alcoa

  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Inspection
  • Emergency Roof Repair
  • Wind/Hail/Storm Damage
  • Wood Rot Repair
  • Roof Replacement
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Ridge Vents & Roof Ventilation
  • Seamless Gutters
  • Gutter Guards

Why Choose the Gutter Shutter system?

In Alcoa, TN, you need a gutter system you can rely on throughout excessive heat, strong winds, and heavy rain. Your gutters are vital to the protection of your home’s exterior and interior. The Gutter Shutter system provides the protection your home needs through extreme weather and offers reliable gutter repairs and replacement services when you need it. The benefits of having a technician come to your home and install the Gutter Shutter system give you peace of mind knowing your gutters won’t crack from heat, blow off from the wind, or clog from leaves and debris during storm season.

  • Gutter guards with a Lifetime No-Clog Warranty
  • Premium aluminum gutters with a high-back system to preserve your roof and shingles
  • Flow reducers and fully enclosed end caps, allowing maximum water flow without clogging
  • No-Pull Guarantee- Gutter Shutter won’t pull away from your home

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Looking for help with your roof repair, roof replacement, or gutter project? Need a roof inspection? Contact Klaus Roofing Systems by Master Services today to schedule your on-site consultation and free estimate in Alcoa or nearby.

Job Stories From Alcoa, TN
Roof Replacement Project in Alcoa, TN

A customer in Alcoa, TN just purchased a home. The roof obviously was in poor and outdated condition, which could be determined by anyone standing in the yard and looking up. Shingles were stained, mismatched, and abraded. Some even appeared to be loss, leaving the home vulnerable to interior leaks. 

We got to work replacing the roof. We pulled off the old shingles, flashing, underlayment, and decking. We then replaced everything with durable and quality materials, including fresh plywood, IKO shingles in the customer's preferred style, new flashing, a weather barrier, and more. The home looked beautiful by the time we finished up! 

Roof Replacement Project in Alcoa, TN - Photo 1
Roof Replacement in Alcoa, TN

A roof in Alcoa, TN was looking rough after years of weather exposure. Shingles were stained and curling from extremes in temperature and moisture, while the flashing was rusty. The damage was so bad that the roof actually appeared moldy from a distance... and the homeowner was concerned that there may be more extensive damage.  

After an inspection, our team determined that the homeowner was right to worry. We peeled back the shingles to reveal an abundance of wet, soft decking... an open invitation to rot and interior leaks! We got to work replacing the roof to avert these dangers, including installing new plywood decking, IKO shingles, flashing, a water and ice barrier, and more. 

The roof was in pristine shape by the time we finished! 

Roof Replacement in Alcoa, TN - Photo 1
Replacing a Roof for a Nonprofit in Alcoa, TN

Our team visited a home owned by a nonprofit organization in Alcoa, TN that had an old roof in disrepair. Shingles were loose, discolored, and missing granules. The decking had been saturated with water over a long period of time, leading to patches of rotten wood. Flashing was either missing or rusted! This organization does so much good for the community, and it was essential that our team give the home a sturdy, dependable roof.

To start, we got to work ripping up the old materials. We then replaced each with our fresh products, including decking, underlayment, IKO shingles, a weather barrier, flashing, and more.

The finished product will go far in protecting this important organization's property. 

Replacing a Roof for a Nonprofit in Alcoa, TN - Photo 1Replacing a Roof for a Nonprofit in Alcoa, TN - Photo 2
New Roof for Home Near Alcoa, TN

A home near Alcoa, TN needed some help. Weather exposure led to the shingles warping and shifting, allowing water to penetrate the decking. Once this happens, interior leaks likely are to follow! The homeowner was anxious to stop this destructive process before it resulted in disruptive and exorbitant costs!

Enter our team. We pulled up the old, sodden decking, as well as the shingles. Next, we replaced everything with fresh plywood and sturdy IKO shingles. By the time we finished, the house looked brand new. 

New Roof for Home Near Alcoa, TN - Photo 1New Roof for Home Near Alcoa, TN - Photo 2
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