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Fix-It To List It Realtor Division

Fix It To List It Realtor Division

At Klaus Roofing Systems by Master Services, our Fix It to List It specialists know that real estate professionals have unique needs. We understand the sensitivity of a transaction when a concern is raised by an inspector or potential buyer. We also know that realtors work under strict deadlines. Our goal is to respect the interest of all parties and help realtors successfully move towards closing.

Here's how working with our Fix It to List It team can benefit you:

  • QUICK RESPONSE TIMES: We have a dedicated hotline number for real estate professionals.
  • PRIORITY SCHEDULING: We know that agents and buyers may not have time to wait for an evaluation and that you are working under a deadline and require priority scheduling.
  • PAY AT CLOSING OPTION: We can complete your project and defer payment until closing. No out-of-pocket expenses for your client.
  • NO UNNECESSARY WORK: We do exactly what you need to sell your listing.
  • HASSLE-FREE: We'll work with you, your assistant, and your broker-whoever we need to-to finish the work and get you to the closing table.
  • FREE ESTIMATES: Our Fix It to List It specialist visits your listing, performs a full evaluation, and provides a free-of-charge estimate.
  • EFFICIENCY: We complete your appointment quickly and will only evaluate the issue in question unless asked otherwise.
  • UNMATCHED REPUTATION: Klaus Roofing Systems dealers are part of a national network of professional roofing contractors with access to quality roofing materials and continuous, comprehensive training. We create strong, beautiful, lasting roofs using The Klaus Roofing Way.
  • WRITTEN PROPOSAL: We provide an emailed written proposal within 24 hours of our evaluation.
  • PRICE ASSURANCE GUARANTEE: We make sure you are getting the best products at the best price.
  • TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY: Our products are warrantied for the lifetime of the home and are transferable when-or if-the home is sold again.
  • FINANCING OPTIONS: Ask us about a comfortable payment plan.
Fix It To List It Realtor Division

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