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New Gutters for Home in Thorn Hill, TN

The gutters of this home in Thorn Hill, TN had failing gutters. The homeowner called us out to provide an inspection, which determined that the system was doing little to protect the home from water impact. We installed a brand-new gutter system constructed from durable, seamless aluminum! 

Total Roof Replacement Near Bean Station, TN

This roof near Bean Station, TN was old, rough, and tired. Our specialists gave it a thorough look-over and determined that the decking was soaked, shingles were stained, and it was not providing adequate water protection. So, using our tried-and-true techniques and quality materials, we replaced the whole thing! 

Roof Replacement Near Harrogate, TN

This project started as a repair job, but the homeowner decided to go ahead and have a total replacement! Water had worked its way beneath areas of loose shingle, permeating the decking and leaving the home open to leaks. We installed new decking, flaahing, shingles, drip edges, a water and ice barrier, and more. 

Roof Replacement Near Tazewell, TN

Klaus headed to a home located near Tazewell, TN to provide a free inspection. The roof had not been replaced in some time, and it was obvious that it had serious issues. The homeowner noticed interior leaks, and the inspector confirmed that shingles were loose and the decking was soaked. We gave the roof a total replacement, which included installing durable IKO shingles and fresh plywood decking. Our roofs are built to last!

Roof Repair Near White Pine, TN

Our team visited a home near White Pine, TN that was having ridge vent issues. The homeowner thought it was damaged, as they were noticing leaks in specific places inside the home. We replaced the vent and patched some other areas of the roof that needed fixing, resulting in a stronger roof!

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